Friday, June 14, 2013

Scenes From a Birthday

It's been a busy birthday weekend for my baby girl.

On Thursday night we had a little celebration at the Embassy in honor of Kyra and our friend CL, who shares his birthday with Kyra. Last year we made him endure an Ariel the Mermaid birthday cake. This year we cut him some slack and made the two of them separate cakes. (Though if you ask me, I'd tell you that he secretly dug last year's Ariel cake...).

Today we took Kyra to get her big birthday present: she got her ears pierced. Our friend Annie came with us for moral support, but as soon as they pulled out the giant earring-staple-gun, Annie fled. It was a bit traumatic for all involved, actually. But she made it through with just a few tears (Kyra, that is - not Annie) and is now the proud owner of a set of of sparkly blue stud earrings.

And we're not done yet: her actual birthday party is tomorrow.

Someone in my office asked me what her party theme was going to be, and I wondered - don't you people know me at all? The theme is - wait for it! - try to find the time to bake some cupcakes and don't forget to invite a couple of kids. Supermom I'm not when it comes to birthday parties.

The exciting news is that it appears our Jerusalem relatives will be making the trek across the Jordan River to celebrate with us - it's their daughter's birthday as well, so we'll celebrate together. And they want to say one last goodbye to Bart before he leaves for Baghdad. Two birds and all.

Enjoy the photos.

We tried - unsuccessfully - to light candles for our two cakes. Too much wind in the desert at night.

Kyra didn't seem to mind having no candles to blow out.

Uncle Sean sent shoes.

The grandparents sent a makeup kit.

Note the earrings. My baby's growing up...


Sean Gorman said... [Reply]

Great pix and she could not look happier (or cuter!).

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