Monday, June 24, 2013

Me? Yeah, I'm totally fine. Why do you ask?

At work today, one of my colleagues came in to tell me something, but then stopped mid-sentence and asked instead "are you alright?" Awhile later, another colleague said "every time I walk past your office, you're just sitting there typing, but you've got your crazy eyes on."

Hmmm. Apparently I'm more see-through than I knew? Need to work on my game face.

Funny story. When POTUS was in town, there were all sorts of countdown meetings to prepare the logistics. At the end of each meeting, we'd break into our separate groups for mini-meetings, so I'd hang with the press folks, while across the room the luggage folks would gather in one corner and the security folks in another, and so on.

I'm really bad in noisy, crowded situations like that, because I can't hear a thing, but I don't want to ask people to shout for me. So after this one countdown meeting, we broke off as a press team and the POTUS press advance team started going over the logistical details with us. I couldn't hear a word, but I knew someone would answer my questions later, so I pulled out my notepad and pen and did my best to look quietly competent for the White House staffers, nodding and scribbling and glancing from person to person as they spoke.

From across the room, I felt someone's eyes on me, and I looked up to find Mr. P laughing at me. Flat out laughing. I had no idea what was so funny: my zipper was zipped, my hair was brushed, my shoes matched...

After the meeting, I walked over and asked him why he'd been laughing at me. His response? "You just looked so utterly bored and pissed off at having to be there in that meeting." Bored and pissed off? But - I was actually aiming for quietly competent, confident and supremely interested. How could my facial expression have gone so terribly wrong without my knowledge?

I don't know. But add that to today's "crazy eyes" episode, and it's clear I need to work on my poker face.

Okay, gotta run and practice in the mirror. The Secretary of State will be visiting soon, and I don't want him asking his assistant who the crazy-eyed lady is....


Rhiannon Gammill said... [Reply]

Aha! You're a sister sufferer of Bitchy Resting Face.

I feel your pain.

Please. Write your own stuff.