Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Turns out I have smart friends. They don't all look smart, mind you. But some of them are.

I'm back on iPhoto, apparently, thanks to all of y'all. So here's another set of photos for the grandparents. These are of Philae Temple in Aswan. Frankly, after wrestling with iPhoto all afternoon, I'm not much in the mood to tell any stories about Philae. Be thankful I linked you to wikipedia, at least, and go read up if you want to know what it is.

Best part? The guide was telling us stories about all of the ancient Egyptian gods, and I swear he thought the gods were really real. So he'd tell us, for example, about how Isis flew all over looking for pieces of her husband's body, and she found a piece right here on this very spot. Not an imaginary piece. A real piece. As if her falcon-headed self was real. Or he'd tell stories about how the gods were fighting, or shouting, or turning their heads into crocodile heads with cow ears and suns on top. It was funny how very real he managed to make them seem, despite their unfortunate overuse of animal body parts. Funny, that is, until someone-who-shall-remain-unnamed in our group (*cough stj cough*) also started referring to them as real people. So of course we all made endless fun of her for that.

Read on, grandparents. For the rest of you: I'll be back with a real post eventually. But first I'm going to post a few sets of photos. So maybe come back next week if you're already tired of looking at photos of someone else's adorable grandkids?

Apparently there was some sort of a uniform requirement?
Head of a falcon. Horns of a cow. And is that a basket full of turkey drumsticks balancing on her head, there on the right? Yup. Totally real.
Sweating buckets. Yet still so adorable!

Not sure what she's doing. Walking like an Egyptian, maybe?

My little reader.

On the boat at last after a long day of temples and High Dams and overpriced perfume shops.
View from the boat.

Because nothing says cute like posing in front of a hot tub with your dress stuck down the front of your pants.

Yes. We packed swim suits. Why do you ask?


Popster said... [Reply]

They are not turkey drumsticks. They are bowling pins.

Please. Write your own stuff.