Monday, May 13, 2013

I Hate iPhoto. And iPhoto Hates Me.

When I first got a Mac with iPhoto loaded on it, I fell instantly in love. Face recognition! Album sorting and naming! Editing right in the program!

But I swear, that program thwarts me at every turn. It mocks me openly. I despise it. It loses photos. It randomly duplicates albums. It changes the dates on my albums, placing photos from a year ago in the year 2036. Stuff like that.

It reached a new low two days ago, however, when it suddenly decided not to let me drag-and-drop photos into folders on my desktop, from whence I could upload them into blogger.

I have so many photos of our trip sitting there in iPhoto, and four grandparents impatiently waiting to see them. Yet iPhoto refuses to allow me to send those photos to blogger. I hate iPhoto, and it apparently hates me right back.

Anyone out there in the blog world have any ideas how to fix this new problem of mine? If so, please shoot me an email, or comment right here. The grandparents thank you in advance.


Benjamin 'Bungee' Bynum said... [Reply]

Can you export the photos instead of dragging them to the desktop?

Try that.

If not, make a new album, copy the photos you want to it and then try to drag or export them.

Dorothy Handelman said... [Reply]

Going forward- I highly recommend you upload your images to a picasa album (picasa is another google product) - picasa and blogger interact seamlessly and there are some editing tools in picasa itself. I never use iphoto- typically I download my images to a folder on the desktop- and then I can grab my images through any number of applications to use them.
so check out picasa- I think you will like it a lot!
also- I find when I ask google itself questions on how to fix problmes- usually a great answer presents itself in a link.
Good luck!!!

Caroline P. said... [Reply]

Hi Donna - I bet you recently did an automatic upgrade to iPhoto 9.4.3 (when you're in the program, click iPhoto in the top left corner and then click "About iPhoto" and it'll tell you what version you're using. I have been a longtime iPhoto user, so I always do the automatic updates when they tell me to, but I believe this one has a bug. It's the only thing I can figure out, because I am having the EXACT same drag and drop problem. Hopefully there will be another fix soon. I even rebuilt my iPhoto library (per Apple advice, after I posted a "Help!" post on an Apple-run blog) to no avail.

There's a light at the end of this tunnel though, because I have noticed that iPhoto WILL actually let me copy photos to my desktop if, rather than piecemeal drag and drop them, I "select all" of the photos in a particular album and move them all over into a "new folder" (NOT directly onto the desktop) in one fell swoop. Then, if you don't want to use all of them, just view them as icons in the folder and pick and choose the ones you want.

As for the 2036 issue, which I had for a long time...if that happens, in the "Events" view, click on an event, but don't click into it yet. Once it's selected, click the "Photos" menu and then go to "Adjust date and time." Sometimes cameras will do hinky things and record all the photos you took on May 20, 2013 as January 1, 2001 or something, so then when you download them into iPhoto, it puts them down with the 2001 photos. The "Adjust date and time" thing will fix them all at once so you can get your events in the right order.

I have a love/hate relationship with iPhoto but I've decided to work on our relationship by doing a LOT of research/troubleshooting on the program and usually I can figure something out. I hope that helps!

-Caroline Poe

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