Saturday, May 18, 2013

Crocodile Temple! And some other stuff.

Where were we? That's right, more crocodiles.

We sailed to Edfu after touring Philae Temple in Aswan, and the next morning, we got off the boat to tour Kom Ombo Temple. The guide told more stories about falcon-headed-god-people, but Ainsley mostly just wanted to look into the deep pit that was used to hold crocodiles or water or something, I can't remember what, I was too busy making sure she didn't fall into the pit.

There was a museum at the temple that housed a collection of crocodile mummies. Ainsley was highly dissatisfied with the museum: she had apparently assumed that the crocodile mummies would all be staggering about on their hind legs, holding their stumpy little arms out zombie-style and trailing mummy wrappers in their wake, a la Scooby Doo. But these crocodile mummies were just, for lack of a more exciting word, dead.

(Aside: When Shay was about the age that Ainsley is now, I took him to the "Dinosaur Museum" in D.C. He was sooo excited to go! But when we got there, he took one look around and sadly said "awww, there're no dinosaurs here. It's just a bunch of bones.")

After touring the site and dodging packs of super-aggressive vendors, we grabbed some lunch and then headed out for a horse-and-buggy ride to Edfu Temple. Somehow my horse-and-buggy got split from the rest of the group and I had a scary few minutes there when I was pretty sure the boys and I were about to get robbed-or-worse. Short version of the story: we survived. Slightly longer version: never tell your buggy driver you're from America. Fortunately I told him we were from Jordan, and the mean-looking guys who surrounded our buggy just minutes later seemed less interested in us once the driver told them dejectedly that we weren't American.

All in all, a good day. We docked that night in Esna and stayed up late, sitting on the roof of the boat, slapping away mosquitoes and mortifying the children with our off-color jokes and spot-on imitations of the tour guide. 'Twas a nice evening.

That paint is, like, a squazillion years old. Yet it still looks better than the walls in my living room.

Gritting my teeth: "Take the picture before I drop her..."

Very deep pit. With not much to stop a kid from falling in. Unless you count the vigilant mom clinging to the kid's  shirt.
The happy family. Errr, families. 

Just plain ole dead. Not spooky at all.

Also not spooky. Kind of cute, actually.

Ainsley's horse-n-buggy driver didn't try to have her killed. For the win.

Temple of Edfu

"What was so wrong with our idea of hanging out at the pool all day, exactly?"

Sunset. Lovely.


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That deep pit looks like a cistern for collecting water for the local community.

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