Saturday, February 23, 2013

Half His Life

If I've done the math correctly (and admittedly, math isn't my strongest subject), then it is safe to say that as of this birthday, my husband has officially spent half his life with me.

I looked and looked for my favorite picture of him, taken at the beginning of my first year of grad school, right when I met him but before we'd started dating. Somehow, and sadly, it has disappeared. So instead I'll share this one, taken a little over a year after we met. Apparently he was thirteen at the time. Seriously, was he really ever that young? Was I? We were already engaged when this photo was taken but damn - we were so young. I don't remember either of us ever being quite so babyish.

Anyway, he's on the other side of the globe right now, as you know, so I'll have to eat all of his cake for him. I'll probably open his presents, too.

Happy birthday, Z.


Jessica said... [Reply]

I love this picture. And yes, you were babies. You must have been a child bride, though, because you still look great!!

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