Thursday, January 10, 2013

Snow In Amman

The school has been closed for two straight days.

The Embassy sent us home early yesterday because the roads were iced over, and they closed entirely today.

It's not that there's tons of snow out there, not really. But Amman is a hilly, curvy-road sort of place, lacking both snowplows and salt. People here aren't used to driving in wet conditions, the underpasses are flooded, and in some areas of town, walls have collapsed under the weight of the water.

Here at home, I'm pleased that it has turned cold enough to snow. Just a few days ago, it was all rain and ice, and the rain leaks in through a gap in our back door, which means I'm constantly doing battle against a stream of water that refuses to quit. I can't win, but I can't stop fighting the flood, either. At least the snow can't get inside - unless it sneaks in on dog paws and kid shoes.

As soon as the school texted their "school closed" announcement last night, my two middle kids went to a friend's house with the intention of getting snowed in overnight. It worked.

So for now, all is quiet. No nanny, no husband - he's at work, despite the closure - 50% fewer kids. I think I'll spend the day catching up on my reading. Or maybe I'll brave the roads and get a few pounds of butter to make cookies.

Who knows? The whole day stretches ahead of me, empty. I plan to use it lazily, and well.

Meanwhile, here's the view outside my door.

From the kitchen window.

Also from the kitchen.

From the front door. What? You thought I was going to step outside to take pictures? It's cold out there. 

Anyway, why go outside when your camera has a perfectly good zoom lens?


Connie said... [Reply]

So pretty! My thought is, if it gets really cold and wants to add in 'wet' ... it ought to be in snow form to make up for the discomfort! Enjoy your view and peaceful day... inside!

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