Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Baghdad: An Update

It was 8 long months ago that we bid on Baghdad.

It was nearly 2 months ago that he got the assignment.

And finally, today, we have news:

He may be leaving us on Saturday for parts unknown, for several months of training.

Or, you know. He may not.

Because as of today, there are tickets, but they are not the right tickets. As of tonight, there is a TM2, which is an official-like paper without which you cannot go anywhere in the service of your country. There are training dates. But he has not, technically speaking, been enrolled in the training.

So we will either say goodbye to him for a long, long time come this weekend, or, well.

We will not.

Do we have adventures? Yes, aplenty. Excitement? Of course. But - and I cannot stress this enough - do not join the Foreign Service if you like to have your life neatly planned out. Just don't.


Dorothy Handelman said... [Reply]

I can only imagine how frustrating all the not knowing must be. Hoping it all gets resolved soon to your satisfaction!

Sherwood family said... [Reply]


Please. Write your own stuff.