Thursday, December 27, 2012

Twelve in Twelve

Well, folks, if you spend any time at all in the blogosphere, then you know it's that time of year again. Apparently we're all supposed to be writing our "Top 12 in 2012" posts. The problem is, how do you pick your top twelve highlights from an entire year? In my case, because I have no memory cells whatsoever, the only way to accomplish this task is to go back through the blog archives and figure out what, exactly, I've been doing all year.

1.) 2012 started out with a visit from my in-laws, who travelled to Jordan and Jerusalem because every last one of their grandkids lives in the region. Let that be a lesson to you: if you raise your kids to be curious world travellers, as my in-laws did, you might find yourself having to travel to strange places someday if you want to see those grandkids of yours. I wonder where my kids are going to make me go someday? Or perhaps we'll cure them of the travel bug by forcing them to spend their childhood in all of these remote locations?

2.) I passed the Foreign Service Exam, way back in March. I made my way slowly through the whole security clearance/MED clearance/Russian exam thing, and  by summer's end I was on the hiring list - at which point, I promptly requested to be taken off the list. My candidacy is on hold at this point, and I'll have to decide some time next year if I want to get back on it again. I'm sort of waiting to see where we're going to go after Baghdad.

3.) In April, we had more visitors! My brother, his wife and their two kids came to visit, along with my sister and her daughter. We don't see each other very often, given this foreign service livelihood of ours, so it was fun to get the chance to hang out with them and act goofy together. While they were here, we:

4.) Went to Wadi Rum - a first for us. We brought a zillion of our closest friends with us and had way more fun than you can imagine. Open-air jeep rides in the desert! Sand dune surfing! Moonlight soccer matches! Terrifying, bug-filled bathrooms!

5.) While my bro and sis were here, we also sorta went to Egypt. That is, we took a boat from Aqaba to Egypt for some snorkelling. Although, technically, I did not snorkel. I am too lacking in blubber to find cold water appealing, so I stayed on board the boat despite being teased mercilessly.

6.) We bought a house! What were we thinking? (Of course, if my husband wrote this blog, that last sentence would've read "what were you thinking?" But in my defense, it really is a lovely house. And perhaps some day we'll get a chance to live in it!)

7.) We took our R&R and went to Long Beach, California.  Life changing trip, that was. Okay, so maybe not life changing, exactly, but it was a great trip, and it made me look at the future just a little bit differently. I grew up in California, see, and Long Beach was the last place we lived before the whole Foreign Service thing happened to us. So being back there started me thinking about what is next for me in this life of mine - and I'm still thinking on the topic. Probably a little too much.

8.) While there, we went to Disneyland. Of course. It didn't change my life, but it did alter my credit card balance rather significantly.

9.) I started a new job. And I've managed to keep it thus far. I even still like it. But I'm definitely realizing that I can't have it all. Also: the kids are growing weary of pizza. They pine for the days of yore, when their mom cooked everything from scratch. I, too, pine for those days.

10.) Dead Sea, Dead Sea, Dead Sea.... Okay, well, I know we went there at least twice, in July and November, and I blogged about it at least once. But I think we might have gone more than just two times. I can't remember. See what I mean? My head is completely lacking in memory cells.

11.) What else? I'm running out of highlights here, people. We went to the Marine Ball, so there's that. But we do that every year, so I kind of feel as if I shouldn't count that.

12. And I guess twelve needs to be the fact that we finally got an onward assignment. In December. After turning in the first of our bids back in June. Well, June-ish, anyway. I can't remember (see "lack of memory cells," above).

As an added bonus, for those of you who have read this far (hi, Dad!), I'll include a link to my most-read post of all time. I wrote this post in early February of 2011 - almost two years ago - and yet it gets more hits some weeks than any other post I write. I guess it hits a nerve.

And that's it! My twelve in twelve! If you write yours, let me know in the comments so I can visit.


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I totally sharked your 12 in 2012! I love this idea. Happy 2013 to you and your family!

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What a great twelve in twelve - it is nice to see the highlights of others who are in the small world that is the Foreign Service. Thanks for sharing!

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