Friday, December 21, 2012


I'm in an odd place right now. I'm writing a lot, and I'm doing a ton, but somehow the words and the events aren't quite coming together for the blog.

I'm spinning. So, since I can't quite find my writing feet, here are a few photos for the grandparents instead.

Shay and his friend S drinking cider and supervising the tree trimming.

Ainsley. Over-the-moon with decorating excitement.

No pictures of Kyra - she was upset most of the evening because she has been so bad (her words) that Santa isn't going to bring her any presents. (Believe me, Kyra, believe me - Santa is tempted to do just that.) No pictures of Aidan, either - I forgot that it was tree decorating night and let him go on a sleepover. My bad.

Back with a real post once the world settles down a bit for me.


Please. Write your own stuff.