Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas in Pictures


Megan said... [Reply]

Wait. Why is it sunny while you are opening presents? How did you hold your kids off? Jack was up at 5:45..I held him off for 15 minutes. You must share your secret. :)

Donna said... [Reply]

You are way too observant. Here's my secret: the trees are in the front of the house, which is separated from the back by a door - and it locks! So Santa leaves the stockings in the back of the house, but he locks the door at the front. The kids can get up whenever they want to and look in their stockings, but they can't get into the other room. And if they try to wake me up, I'll ignore the hell out of them. Seriously, they are usually thrilled to spend time with their stockings, eating every last piece of candy in there. They know if they wake me up I'll make them put the candy away. When I finally drag myself out of bed, I make them suffer while I make tea and give them breakfast. We usually manage to put off presents til 10am!

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