Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Breakfast With Santa

I was driving to the radio station with a couple of colleagues the other day. This time, I wasn't the one destined for fame and fortune - I was merely the facilitator, bringing them to be interviewed on air.

I don't quite remember how the subject of my husband came up, but one of them confessed that "your husband scares me." The other one agreed. "He's so serious," she said, "and whenever he shows up, I think I'm about to get in trouble."

I had to confess that sometimes he scares me a little bit at work, too. Because nobody wants to get summoned to the RSO's office, including me. The last time I was called over, I found him standing there with my boss, and my immediate thought was "what have I done and does my own husband really think he's going to fire me?" (Because he would soooo not be getting dinner for many long months if that happened. Just sayin'.) Turns out it was just a coincidence and we all had a good laugh about it, but seriously. Warn a girl, would you?

So anyway: Husband. Scary. Settled.

Which is why people were so startled when they brought their kids to Breakfast With Santa at the Embassy and found none other than our frightening RSO dressed in the big ole Santa suit. That's right: my husband was the Embassy Santa Claus this year.

And he loved it.

Truth be told, he was only Santa for the first shift. He would have happily done it for the whole day, but I was adamant that I did not want Ainsley sitting on his lap, so I made him pass the job to someone else before I brought the kids to the Embassy. I was afraid Ainsley would figure it out, and I didn't want to ruin the Santa magic for her.

As it turns out, I was wrong. I went to the breakfast early, just to get my very own picture with my very own Santa, and I must say: he was rather convincing. I don't think Ainsley would have figured it out. But too late: Santa #2 was already waiting in the wings, ready to swoop in and take over.

In the pictures below, then, you'll see me sitting with RSO Santa. The kids, however, are posing with Stranger Santa. Can you tell the difference?

Next week the Marines are going to distribute their Toys For Tots gifts - and if you're a local reader, know that they are still about 95 presents short of their goal, so please stop by with a gift this week. Bart has been asked to go with the Marines to play Santa for this group of kids. Something tells me he's going to clear his schedule for this.


Popster said... [Reply]

Of course I can tell the difference. One wears glasses and the other does not.

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