Thursday, November 1, 2012

Small World

We had a visitor at post this week, and because she was here to evaluate the strength of my specific programs (no pressure!), I spent a lot of time with her over the past few days.

As it turns out, she's a fellow blogger. As soon as I knew that, even though I don't read her blog (yet), I felt much better. She's my people. This is going to be okay.

So we were at lunch one day, and we were talking about most embarrassing moments. I, of course, have no personal embarrassing moments. Ahem. But I shared a funny story that belongs to someone else, my blogging friend Four Globetrotters, without mentioning who it was. Another woman at the table laughed and said "that sounds like a friend of mine," and shared a similar funny story about her friend. Then we both sort of frowned and looked at each other. Do you think, we wondered aloud, that we're both talking about the same person? After all, not many people have that many similar crazy stories.

Turns out we were. 4G, you and your business attire are more famous than you know.

The next day, we were driving up to Zarqa together, me and my visitor, talking about the storm that was approaching the east coast at the time. And my visitor mentioned a friend who was stranded in a NYC hotel, waiting for her passport and a flight out to her next post. Turns out she was talking about Sadie.

Combine all of this with the fact that one of my bosses served with LAJ in J, and well, it's starting to feel like a small world, indeed.


Sadie said... [Reply]

HA! Was this Heather? I saw she was in Jordan but wasn't sure if it was just for play. I was going to suggest you guys meet if she was there for work too. If it wasn't Heather, I'm stumped! But she's awesome!

Donna said... [Reply]

Sadie, you guessed it! She was fun. Of course you'd be friends.

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