Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Of Course There's a Santa

It's not even December but the girls have turned their attention to all things Santa. They have written list after list and made all sorts of plans for what kinds of gifts they need to give to Santa. They are Santa-obsessed.

Kyra came home today with the by-now-traditional announcement: there is no Santa. This according to some snotty ruin-it-for-everyone kid in her class.

It reminded me of the article I wrote when Shay was this age: my very first article ever in Newsweek.

Click over and read it, won't you? I still like it, in part because of the subject matter and in part because I still remember how excited I was to get a call from the editor at Newsweek.

I'll be back with more Christmas posts once the calendar actually turns to December.


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