Sunday, November 25, 2012

My Favorite Holiday: The Cliff Notes Version

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and how many times do I have to tell you that it's my favorite holiday before you believe me?

This year was no exception. We had friends over for dinner - old and new friends alike - and it was fun to just relax and laugh and enjoy one another's company.

True to her name, Major WR brought the drinks, and she made some fancy drink with fruit floating in it, which was just so amazingly delicious - until I tried to get up from the table. Only then did she mention that perhaps she had soaked the fruit in straight vodka for a month or three before putting it it my drink.

Okay, well, as I recall, it was quite tasty. I think. I'll have to remember to ask for the recipe. Or, you know, just invite her to my next party.

Now that I've sobered up a bit, I'm going to try to post some photos. If they're blurry, blame Major WR's drinks.

I did most of the cooking. Because one of the spouses, who shall remain unnamed for the purposes of marital harmony, might have told the story of the time his wife roasted the turkey with the bag of giblets still in it. His wife brought the pies. Because pies don't come with bags of giblets tucked inside.

The next day, we all headed to the Dead Sea, along with some other families who had the same brilliant post-Thanksgiving idea. The good news: it rained, so there weren't any angry protestors shutting down the highway. The bad news: it rained, so we were stuck at the Dead Sea pool in the rain.

It's okay, though. The kids had a blast swimming, and the rain didn't last long.

At exactly 3 minutes before it was time to check out on Saturday, a few of us decided to lure our kids into the Dead Sea for "Operation Santa Hat Photo Op 2012." It was too cold and windy for anyone sensible to go in the Sea. But we convinced the kids that it would be a Good Idea For The Grandparents.

Unfortunately, perhaps because we were still suffering the after effects of the vodkaberries, we neglected to bring any actual working cameras with us. Santa hats we had, aplenty. Cameras? Not so much.

I did have my iPhone, so I tried to take some photos, but you can't see the screen on those suckers when you're outside. So I just aimed and clicked, hoping for the best.

Only later did I realize I'd had the camera lens covered with my finger the entire time, for a big photography FAIL.

Luckily for us, new friend Janet had her camera, and she took some photos, so all is (possibly) not lost. She is currently winging her way back to the States, so we'll have to hope she uploads and sends some decent photos once she recovers from the jet lag. Also, we'll hope she understands the finger-to-lens correlation better than I. Hey, at least I know enough to take the bag of giblets out of the turkey, right?

And that was our Thanksgiving weekend.

Oh, hey, a little something I forgot to mention earlier. I'm now officially an International Radio Superstar! That's right: I went on a radio show last week to talk about Thanksgiving. Me: the person who writes so I don't have to talk to anyone. Hilarious, the things a girl will do for a paycheck.

It was mortifying. But, sort of like fiber and exercise, I suppose it was good for me. If you want to hear my interview, go like US Embassy Amman's page on Facebook and you'll find a link there. Also, if you find it riveting enough to listen to the very end, you'll discover that I didn't know the actual address of the Embassy Facebook page when they asked me. And that's reason #46 why I am the most awesome PD officer on the face of the planet.

But you can say you knew me before I was an internationally renowned jackass. So there's that.

Hope your Thanksgiving was half as full of vodkaberries as mine. No, seriously. Because I had twice as many as I should have.


Naomi Hattaway said... [Reply]

Snort. Cracking up. I'm hoping that somewhere in the future of I'm-not-FS-but-live-abroad we have a chance to meet ....

Please. Write your own stuff.