Sunday, November 4, 2012

Marine Ball 2012

The first year at post, I don't think the Marine Ball is very fun, because I don't know anyone and I'm just trying desperately to make small talk with random people whose names I don't know while not tripping over my high heels or otherwise making a colossal ass of myself.

The second year at post, it's a lot of fun, because I know enough people to know with whom I want to hang out. We usually get a bit goofy and laugh a ton.

The third year is the best of all in some ways, because I have a zillion best friends to run around with. But it's also kind of bittersweet because, you know, it's the last one. The last time to get dressed up and laugh and dance with my now-old-friends. This time next year, we'll be gone, to parts unknown. So I get a little sad, looking around at these people I've grown to love and wondering where we'll all be at next year's ball.

So it was this past weekend, when we all met up for this year's Marine Corps birthday bash. Fun? Definitely. But a bit sad, too. For me, anyway.

Before I get into that, though, let's travel back in time, shall we? We went to our first ball in the last century. I was still in my 20s (barely, but still). I was heavily pregnant with Shay at the time and wasn't even wearing a real ball gown - no way was I going to spend that kind of cash on a maternity ball gown. But dang if we weren't the cutest little couple ever! Frankly, I think it's a little bit scary how young we were. I mean, how did we even get passports, people? There oughta be a law.

Camera adds 10 pounds. Pregnant belly adds another 35. For the win. 

Okay, fast forward to 2012. Same me, but subtract the pregnant belly and add a decade or so. Also, do I have the best looking friends or what? Every single woman in this picture has made me laugh until I snorted inappropriately at least once in the past month. Love them all. Even the one who once told me that I am "so effing old!" What does she know, anyway? Some day she'll be posting decades-old pictures of a past Marine Ball, too. And she'll still be freaking gorgeous.

Love them all.

Not gonna tell you who these people are. Not sure they want to be famous on my blog.
The one in the middle, though - that's me.

Me and the Major. And some other awesome folks.

She looks serious. But she's crazy. (Yep. Describes us both, actually.)

The happy couple. Still awake at 10 pm.

I stalked this woman for months until she finally agreed to be my friend. Best decision she ever made.

Moments after this photo was snapped, I fell on the floor snorting with laughter again. Really embarrassing.

My favorite people in all of Amman. Right here in one photo.

These guys. The reason for the night. Happy birthday, Marines!

No. I am not grabbing her butt. How could you even suggest that?

Awww. Still cute, after all these years. I think so, anyway. But I seem to have misplaced my bifocals.


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Not just cute, I'd say smoking!

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