Saturday, September 1, 2012

One Last Look At Vacation

I have a few last shots of R&R to put up. Bear with me folks - the grandparents love it, even if the rest of you are bored to tears.

We took a skazillion photos, but somehow I didn't get a single shot with my sis. None with J&B either. How did I screw that up so badly?

Oh, well. Here's what I've got:

Super hot husband. Super cute baby.

...still digging in the dirt.

See this driver-less boat out in the water?

Why is the lifeguard boat there?

And the tow truck? What's he doing?

Turns out the boat is attached to a truck, which somehow went in the water instead of towing the boat out.


My beautiful niece.

And my beautiful baby.

...with nana and pop.

Petting stingrays and sharks at the aquarium.

...starfish, too.

Everyone was sad - it was our last day in the states.

Not sure what was going on here, but it looks like fun.
And that's it. We got so much done in the two weeks we were there, and had so much fun. I'm still taking some of the best parts and reliving them inside my head, all these weeks later. I suspect I'll be doing that for awhile.


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