Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Another Crazy Week

What a week this is turning out to be. Lots to say; no time to say it.

I have been Busy. Super busy. Crazy busy. But you know? It's all good. Mostly all good anyway.

We got Sunday off - Labor Day and all - but the kids had school. The best kind of day! While they were in school, I went with a friend to get a pedicure, and then we met up with our respective husbands and one other couple for lunch. The food was substandard, but it made for lots of laughs, and I'll never look at angel hair pasta the same way again.

The next day, I managed to sneak out for a quick lunch with some other friends, both Embassy and non-Embassy. It was our first time together since school let out last June, and we spent the time laughing and catching up. So fun.

Then, because I apparently have too much of a social life this week, I met another group of friends for lunch yesterday. And yes - if anyone from my office is reading this, I clocked out! Swear I did!

Last night was the first school board meeting of the year, so I was out late dealing with school stuff. I was kind of dreading it - I really just wanted to go put on my pjs and crawl into bed - but it turned out to be a good meeting. We covered a lot of ground over two hours. So I think I'm feeling energized and ready to get back into that.

Today I was remarkably busy at work. But I still managed to participate in "Omelet-palooza" (long story). And then somehow I ended up in the middle of a hysterical email exchange amongst a group of friends. There's no way to explain just why it was so funny - inside jokes and all - but I sat at my desk and laughed until I cried, literally. Thankfully no one caught me there in my office acting all crazy.

I needed that laugh.

So yes, life is crazy and I am overwhelmed and there is all sorts of absolutely unbloggable nonsense going on in my life right now. I wish I had someone to talk to about it all. The downside of living overseas, in a small community, is that you can't really take your problems on the road. So the things that are going on in my head have to stay in my head, and there isn't really an outlet for the stuff that is bothering me right now. But the upside is that I have all of these crazy friends who absolutely get this crazy lifestyle, because they are living it right alongside me, and so there is always someone around who can make me smile when I need it the most.

All in all: a good week so far. And tomorrow is Thursday - the last day of the workweek, the light at the end of the tunnel. I think I'm gonna make it through Work Week 2. Just 50 more to go. I can do this thing! I can. I can! Can't I?


Dorothy Handelman said... [Reply]

Glad to hear that life is keeping you busy!! Lunches out-yess!!!! My kids go back to school today- what a beautiful thing. Wishing you all the best!!!!

Danielle said... [Reply]

I hear you on the unbloggable stuff. My saving grace is my friend who lives in CA who I once in awhile get on skype with for a big long confessions binge for both us us. It usually ends up with her laughing hysterically and then saying "omg I wish you could blog about that but you totally can't!" So glad though that you have so many wonderful friends close by to share at least some giggles with! Good luck with the work thing! Motherhood is the most high-energy job there is I think but it is strangely true that being in an office again 40hr/week can be so tiring!!!

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