Thursday, August 23, 2012

Santa Barbara

While in California, we paid a quick visit to my aunt, who lives in Santa Barbara. The kids took over her pool and we had to drag them out, kicking and screaming, at the end of the day.

I remember visiting her as a kid, and we always had so much fun racing around the yard playing hide and seek. It was nice to see my kids having just as much fun, and it was good to get to catch up with my aunt.

Have you ever in your life seen such a cool pool toy? Me neither.

(I suppose the pool's okay, too)

When I grow up I think I want to move to Santa Barbara...

(Bart might agree with me.)

Ainsley exploring the "Secret Path" to the beach, looking for princesses.

Nana and Bampa

"I was pretending to talk to a prince," explained Ainsley.

All of us...

Thanks, Aunt A, for a great day.


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