Saturday, August 4, 2012

Guess Where I Am?

OPSEC alert! OPSEC alert! I'm not in Jordan right now.

Does anybody care to guess where I am?

A few hints. I am, like, ohmygawd, totally jet lagged. I had Mexican food for dinner. Oh, and In n Out for lunch. I've indulged in not just Starbucks, but Peets as well, too many times to count.

We took a boat ride through some canals yesterday. Tried to choose the house we would buy if we were kazillionaires, but failed - too many beautiful houses to choose from.

I spent 3 hours at Target today. (Where, by the way, did you know they will not let you try on underwear in their store because it's unhygienic, but they will let you buy it, take it home, try it on and run around wearing it for hours before returning it for a 100% refund? They will then return it to the shelves for some other unsuspecting customer to purchase - as long as they don't intend to try it on first. Seriously, Target? What has happened to you? Do you not get how wrong this policy is, and how gross? Do you not understand that Americans abroad dream of your shining aisles and welcoming embrace? Do you not realize that women need to try on underwear before they purchase it, particularly if they've just spent the last 48 hours eating In n Out burgers and downing grande frappucinos? For shame, Target, for shame. But I'm not bitter. If you'd let me try it on, I likely would have spent even more that the $419 I just spent today. So thanks for saving me money!)

What else? We've been kayaking, and we've been swimming, and we've planted our feet in the Pacific Ocean. Oh, and the kids went swimming in the ocean with their clothes on, because it didn't occur to their jet lagged mom (that'd be me) that they might want to bring their swimsuits to the beach.

The owner of the house we're renting told us we could see the Disneyland fireworks from our roof every night at 9:35. We finally managed to stay up until 9:35 tonight, but we were underwhelmed by 9:37. We lived in Beijing, people. So watching some fireworks in the distance? Meh. Unless they are industrial-strength fireworks being set off from the neighbor's own roof just yards away from you, well, the thrill just isn't there.

Okay, well, if I haven't given you enough hints yet, you're out of luck, because I can't even stay awake long enuf to Pruf this blogpOsT.

Good night! And don't forget to wash your new underwear before you wear it!


Penni said... [Reply]

Hooray! I'm in the states for the first time since September-- I was disappointed by Target, too! They used to have such a great assortment of purses and now they have one lousy shelf full of old-lady purses. On the other hand, the bath towels were very, very tempting.

Enjoy your stay!

Dorothy Handelman said... [Reply]

Glad to hear you are soaking up things we enjoy on a minute to minute basis in the US of A. (okay, more like whenever life allows!) Have a great visit and do all sorts of fun things (like buying underwear at Target and returning it...)- and check out some yard sales. Now that's fun!!

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