Saturday, August 25, 2012

And Of Course We Went To Disneyland...

To tell the truth, I was kind of dreading Disneyland day. It's one of those parenting rites of passage, like circumcision, or inoculations, or standing in line to see Santa at the mall. You can't be a parent and NOT do it. But that doesn't mean you have to like it.

We were going to Disneyland, dammit. I fired up the credit card and barely even flinched at the entrance, when they handed me 6 tickets and said "that'll be $504 dollars, please." Five hundred and four dollars, just to get in. That's before drinks, snacks, souvenirs and lunch. Ouch.

But okay. The good news is that we weren't in it alone. We joined our friends J & B, who were staying at the house with us, and our friend K, who lives here in Amman but was doing the Disney R&R thing. And even Pop joined us for the day.

It was perfect, actually. K knows her way around Disneyland, so she mapped it out for us. The dads ran ahead to procure fast passes while the rest of us dawdled with the kids. And we were able to split up by age - small, medium and large - so no one had to wait for anyone else to finish a ride they couldn't go on. Since each of the kids had a built-in friend, there was no fighting. A day without fighting? Totally worth the $504 entrance fee.

J even managed to procure bandaids. Yes, well, it turns out that I was so pleased when Ainsley got herself dressed that morning that I neglected to notice the fact that she was wearing brand new sparkly princess shoes. By noon her heels were covered in blisters. But she was so thrilled to be at Disneyland that she didn't even complain. I forgot to pay J back for the bandaids - given that they were Disneyland bandaids, I probably owe her at least forty five dollars.

Anyway, that's Disney for you. We were there far too late and had trouble dragging the kids out of the souvenir store at the end of the day. But the kids will remember the day for sure.

So it was worth it.

Look! They aren't fighting!

With Pop! And a princess castle! And cotton candy!

Lookee there! In the parade! Princesses!

And more princesses!

Dear God, mom, have you ever beheld anything so amazing as these princesses?

We waited in line for an entire hour to take a picture with Mickey Mouse. That's an hour of my life I'll never get back. For a mouse. He wanted to take a picture with me, too. I refused, just on principle. 

We tried to get a photo of all of the kids. It was late; they were tired. FAIL.


Nomads By Nature said... [Reply]

Sounds and looks like a great day outing! The princess pics with your daughter's reaction made my day!

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