Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sushi in the Desert

A friend called me up and asked me to come along with her when she got a pre-plane mani-pedi today. Well, I'm not the biggest mani-pedi-er in town, but who am I to pass up time hanging out with a friend? Then another friend got in on the action, and the next thing you know, we decided we needed to add lunch in as well.

And that is how I ended up at a table in an air conditioned restaurant this afternoon, ordering sushi for lunch.

I know, I know: sushi in Amman? In the middle of the desert? But trust me - it was oh-so-delicious. And fun, too, to take a mid-day break and hang out with some other fun (and funny) ladies.

It's 100 degrees here in Amman today, and it is supposed to be hotter tomorrow. So I am sitting at home, contemplating turning on the air conditioner and trying to work up some excitement over dinner prep. We have run out of water for the second time in a week, so there is currently a gigantic water truck parked in our driveway, pumping water into the rooftop tank. It is loud and I am sleepy. Not ideal conditions for making dinner.

In other news, the color of polish that I chose for my nails looked summer-y and festive in the bottle, but on my toes, it looks garish and orange and way over-the-top. I might have to track down some nail polish remover if I can't get used to it quickly enough.

The lady who did my nails at the pedicure place was Filipina. She was wearing a shirt that said "Gigi" on the front and "Beauty Saloon" on the back. She looked hot and tired and sad. At one point the woman working at the next station, an Arab, asked her what was wrong. My lady, fighting back tears, answered "I'm just a little bit dizzy." The Arab coworker started teasing her: "Busy? You're too busy? Ah, perhaps you are pregnant? What is wrong with you? Are you pregnant?" My lady mumbled, in English, "I don't even have a husband" - but she was wearing a wedding band. It was sort of sad, in an undefinable way, but the whole exchange made the shiny orange polish she was applying seem even more garish and unnecessary.


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