Friday, July 6, 2012

Bowl o' Kitties

I often make fun of my cat-lady friend Jenna because she acquires cats the way normal people collect, oh, I don't know, ceramic giraffes, maybe? She came here with a couple of cats, and now she's up to something like ten, because she can't pass up an injured or abandoned kitty.

She feeds them, and fixes them, and tries to find them all homes, and it's God's work, truly, but I am not called to rescue sharp-clawed little creatures myself.

Which is why I was less than thrilled when Reda the boab tapped on our window last week to show us this:

Of course I texted Jenna immediately: There are five kittens in my yard. Help!

To which she responded simply: It's your turn.

(Side note: I clearly need to find better friends. What's the use of having a cat lady for a friend if she won't even take your cats?)

I tried to talk to the boab in Arabic. Where is the mother? Where did you find them? What do you want me to do about it? We had a loooong conversation, in Arabic, after which I understood only: The kittens were born in the next door neighbor's yard. They are still nursing. How many do you want? (And it took about 20 minutes to communicate that little.)

Well, since the kittens are still nursing, and they haven't been abandoned, I went into the neighbor's yard with him to give the kittens back to their mama, who was anxiously awaiting their return. I also brought the mom a bag of cat food, figuring at least she could feed her babies without wandering away - thus saving the babies from well-intentioned boabs.

I told the boab to come back every day and I'd give him more food for the mama. If the cats stick around long enough, I guess I'll have to call the house-call-making vet and ask her to come give them shots and get them all fixed.

Those kittens are adorable. But we already have a souvenir cat from Jordan. And really, I think one cat lady in the neighborhood is enough, don't you?


A said... [Reply]

we have acquired just such a kitten from KL - Marines were killing them, mama cat eaten by a python sob sob sob. And then a labrador - a BIG labrador from Ottawa - guide dog people might put the cute puppy down because he has a wonky foot.
Lady - you are not going to get out of this without at least one kitten!

Connie said... [Reply]

Vetzone runs a FB page and kittens are often offered up for adoption there. Or, be aware that Air France turned out to be quite good with shipping pets ;)

Meg said... [Reply]

Long time lurker just wanting to pop in to say that if you were closer I'd take them all! Especially that adorable calico.

Enjoy having them around, there's nothing more fun than watching kittens grow up and find homes.

Emily said... [Reply]

We have two kittens at the end of our street that I want to take ome, but I have been vetoed by the husband.

Elaine said... [Reply]

June was National Adopt-a-Cat Month.
I had to adopt one (see my blog) so don't expect support from this quarter!

Jamila said... [Reply]

Hi! I am in Amman for the summer. I am a mother of three small children and my husband is affiliated with the embassy. I keep a blog too, although it is mostly a journal for myself and family/friends. One such friend sent me the link to your blog. We are friends with the other embassy families such as the Terry family and the Bishop family. I ask know the CLO Pam Jensen. Small world! Take care.

Michele said... [Reply]

Made me laugh out loud. Poor Jenna!

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