Thursday, July 12, 2012

Boot Camp

The Embassy is running a summer camp here in Amman, and I enrolled each of the kids for two weeks. (Separate weeks, mind you - I can't afford to keep them all in camp all summer, but I figured if I split them up for a few weeks, that's 185% less fighting. Yay for less fighting!)

This week was the boys' turn for camp. It was also Marine Boot Camp Week. The camp director is married to our detachment commander, and she managed to convince our awesome Marines to take a week of their time and run a mini-boot camp for the older kids.

They did PT, and marching, and shooting (umm, not real guns, I'm told), and flag folding, and running in formation, and the kids loved all of it.

Today was the final day of boot camp, which they marked with a graduation. The detachment commander had the kids line up at attention and he presented each one with a certificate. I took some pictures of the ceremony, during which the detachment commander marched from kid to kid to kid and personally shook each child's hand, but I didn't get a clear shot without skazillions of other peoples' kids in the background, so I won't post those here.

But - they also gave each child a photo of himself dressed in all of their gear. See below.

It was a little unorthodox, I suppose. I mean, how many middle schoolers and elementary schoolers back home are doing this? But it was a terrific opportunity for the kids to interact with some great guys (and one seriously kick-ass female) and to get a glimpse into what the Marines at post are capable of doing.


Becca said... [Reply]

god, my kid would love that!!!

fourglobetrotters said... [Reply]

Are you kidding?! *I* would love that!!!

Dorothy Handelman said... [Reply]

I love the looks your captured on your sons' faces! Sounds like a really neat experience!!

Nomads By Nature said... [Reply]

The Marines at post in Oman did this one day in the week long camp. THE KIDS LOVED IT The only thing better would have been a week long camp like your Marines did! Those guys and gals ROCK!

Sadie said... [Reply]

what an awesome program! good for the Marines :-).

Danielle said... [Reply]

that is so cool! What a great idea. That was so nice of the Marines!

Just US said... [Reply]

So very cool!! What a fabulous experience for your boys!! Wish they would do something like that around these parts!

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