Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Why, Yes, It Has Been Awhile

I know, I've been a terrible blogger.

But I have all sorts of excuses. Still, I don't want to get dinoia'ed, so I need to update you ASAP.

It's not easy for me right now, because we're back once again in the summer transfer season. Mike left on Friday. Leigh left on Sunday. Kate and Tiffany, Terri and Rich, Deanna and Jennifer, Tamar and Leslie and Connie, and all sorts of other fabulous people are not far behind.

These people! I feel like I've invested so much time getting to know them, only to have them leave me for new friends in places like Panama and Abu Dhabi and Baghdad and even - gasp! - Denver.

I don't do well with this part of foreign service living, and so I've been moping around a bit and feeling sorry for myself.

But then I'm too busy to mope for long. In addition to attending an almost endless round of going away parties, we celebrated another birthday not long ago in our household, and we're already planning the next one in a few weeks. We have to make our summer travel plans, but first we have to finish off this school year (any minute now, it seems). And then there is the usual litany of work and school board and dog walking and baseball games and Arabic lessons and...

Okay, but I'll have a real post for you soon, I promise.


Shannon said... [Reply]

I hate transfer season. It doesn't matter if I am the one leaving or the one being left behind, I hate it. We went to our first going away party of the season last night, and predictably I wrecked my makeup crying. We have another on Saturday. Maybe I should just skip the mascara? I guess change is inevitable but I still don't like it.

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