Sunday, April 15, 2012

Unorthodox Orthodox Easter

Happy Easter!

Yes, I know my friends in the States celebrated Easter last week, but here in Jordan, we did it Orthodox-style, so we were one week behind you.

It was really quite the unorthodox orthodox Easter. See, we're relatively Catholic, so we take our Easter celebrations somewhat seriously. And we have four young kids, so we take the whole Easter bunny side of things seriously as well.

Unfortunately, Bart had to work today, so we had to do things differently than usual. We knew we wouldn't have much time together as a family today, so we went to the Easter vigil mass across town last night - this after the Embassy Easter Egg Hunt and an afternoon barbecue with some colleagues. We didn't stay til the bitter end of the mass - those vigil services are long! - but the kids made it through the candle light ceremony without setting themselves ablaze, and we even sat through all of the readings and the Gospel before we decided it was time to make our escape.

We got home just before midnight and got the kids to bed so the Easter bunny could get organized.


This morning the kids let us sleep in a bit. But when they awoke, they ran for the baskets and a candy festival commenced.

After gallons of candy had been consumed, we did not go to church. And we did not start cooking brunch for guests. Instead, we piled into the car and drove to the Embassy pool, where we met up with friends for a no-host potluck - many of them had to work today, too, so nobody was able to host a fancy brunch. Everyone just showed up when they could and left when they needed to. At one point, I drove Bart home so he could get ready for work and then rejoined the crowd at the pool. The kids swam and ran and played while we sat in the sunshine and ordered food from the snack bar.

It didn't exactly feel like Easter.

But it was a nice day, all in all.

Coloring eggs...

At the Embassy Easter Egg Hunt...

What the Easter Bunny brought...

Helping the girls build their new Legos...

Yogi, begging for jelly beans...


Sheri said... [Reply]

Love all the photo's especially Yogi lol. Happy late Easter :)

Nomads By Nature said... [Reply]

Sweet! All of it!

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