Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pharoah's Island, Egypt

So we boarded this boat:

And we sailed out of Aqaba, past our hotel.

We motored all the way across the Red Sea, until we came to Pharoah's Island, Egypt.

It's a tiny island, just off the Egyptian coast. Tiny island, big castle.

We went hunting for princesses, of course. Because everybody knows they live in castles.

Well, some of us hunted for princesses. Others just hung out with friends.

Or scaled the castle walls.

Ainsley even found a pre-school pal - a happy surprise.

Then we went snorkeling.

And jumped off the second story of the boat.

And that was our day. Most of it, anyway.

At last I can say I've been to Egypt!


Heather Dray said... [Reply]

Awesome photos! Now I know where we need to vacation next!!!!

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