Monday, March 5, 2012

Of Leap Years Past

This year I spent February 29th in a flurry of craziness: going to Aqaba, or no? Snow day tomorrow, or no? Work tomorrow: how to finish all of my tasks in time? I spent the whole day thinking about the day after. So much for living in the present.

Last time around, we were in China. My oldest baby had just turned 8. My youngest baby wouldn't make an appearance for a few more months. I was planning a birthday party.

The leap before that I didn't have a blog yet. I was in the midst of a frozen Kazakh winter. Shay had just turned four. I didn't yet know it, but baby Aidan, just a few months old, was terribly ill, and we were about to face a medevac, a curtailment out of post, and an awful year of sickness and sadness.

The Leap Year before that? Shay was just a few days old and we were in Los Angeles, at my parents' house, thinking we wouldn't be allowed back into Russia and wondering what was going to happen to us next.

Further back still, also to Los Angeles, 1996: We were married, I was an advertising executive, Bart was a graduate student and we hadn't even started talking about this crazy thing called the Foreign Service. We talked about maybe having a baby, someday.

One more back and we hadn't even met yet. I was still in college, in fact.

Further back I dare not go. It makes me feel too old.

How about you? Do you remember all of your Leaps?


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