Monday, March 12, 2012

From Beijing to Moscow

First I had my little reunion with some of my Beijing-ren. Then it was on to a Moscow reunion. I got to hang out with T, who once upon a time braved a Moscow snowstorm to celebrate Shay's very first birthday with us, and C, who once saved a life and, in so doing, saved us too. They're some of our oldest friends in the Foreign Service, godparents to one of our children, and I think they love me despite my peculiar west coast liberal leanings. We've been through PNGs and horrible medevacs together, and we've argued about politics on the banks of the Moscow River, and we've gone out on the town together in London, and somehow today I'm thinking of all of these things with a particularly smiley smile.

It's nice, I think, to spend time with people whom you have known for so long, and who have gone through so much with you. It makes me wonder why we can't do it more often.

It was a nice day.


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