Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What a Week

It's only Wednesday, people, and I'm ready for a nap. This week has already been approximately 30-bazillion hours long. We've had 2 birthdays, one FSI language exam and one school board meeting - this in addition to the usual collection of basketball games, sleepovers, kickboxing classes, temper tantrums, work, school lunches, fundraisers, etc. Oh, and I'm trying to do the taxes. And plan for two upcoming groups of visitors.

And then, we were all set for the weekend's big event: the 2012 Dead2Red relay starts tomorrow. But after much hemming and hawwing and back-and-forthing, we decided to back out this afternoon, right at about the same time that Carolyn was scheduled to start her long cross-border journey to join us for the race.

They'd been predicting rain, and even snow, for the weekend. Today, at around 3 pm, the sky turned orange and started spitting down pellets of ice. There was wind, and there was thunder, and there were quite a few references to the Armageddon. Then it started to snow - huge fluffy pieces of snow. Mixed with ice. And mud.

Carolyn sensibly decided she couldn't make the drive. Meanwhile, local meteorologists started predicting thunder, hail, rain and ice along the route. Oh, and also flash floods. You know: nothing major. Just a teensy bit of flash flooding.

Well, that was it for me. My baby, running 20 hours in the dark through thunder and hail and flash floods? I don't think so. So I pulled him from the team, too. A few other people followed, and now we have no team for tomorrow's race. Can I say? I really hope tomorrow turns out as awful as they are predicting. Because if we awaken to a sunny sky and chirpy birds and gentle breezes, my son is going to kill me.

But wait! There's more!

Various friends here have been practicing all sorts of voodoo today. One friend is wearing her pajamas inside out and backwards. Another told her students to flush an ice cube down the toilet, or hide a spoon under their pillows. Apparently these are tried and true ways to bring on a snow day.

Well, it worked. School is cancelled tomorrow. Not just delayed, but out-and-out cancelled, all across Amman. There isn't a lot of snow, but this is a hilly place, and no one wants to send a school bus sledding down a steep curvy road. So there will be no school for us tomorrow, and no trip to Aqaba, and I am suddenly faced with a wide-open weekend. Anything is possible! But I'll probably just finish the taxes. And maybe take a nap. Such are the dreams of a middle-aged mom of four: just a nap and a few moments to finish my work in peace.


Just US said... [Reply]

and I hope that is exactly how the weekend turned out for you!!

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