Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What We've (They've) Been Up To

Bart had loads of use-or-lose leave to kill off, just in time for his parents' arrival. I, on the other hand, had basically no leave at all at the end of the year.

So he spent a week ferrying his parents around while I went to work.

Thus it turns out that, technically speaking, I wasn't at the baptism site that day. I didn't see the sun glinting off the rooftops of the churches. I didn't see the mighty green Jordan River flowing by. And I most certainly didn't see the de-mining operation that was taking place on the other side of the river (Boom, boom, boom - welcome to the middle east, mom and dad!)

I wasn't there. But the pictures are on my computer. And so they're fair game for my blog, don't you think?

The Jordan River up close...

...and from afar...

Where it all went down (maybe, probably, possibly), back in the day...

See the teeny tiny Jordanian flag off to the left?

It looks beautiful, doesn't it? Like a painting. But those are mines being blown up across the border.


Jennifer Eisele said... [Reply]

Hi Donna, I've been reading your blog for the past few years, as my husband has been preparing for the FSO selection process. He finally starts A-100 next week! I have a very specific question for you about mommyhood overseas - is there a way I can contact you in a private message or by email?

Donna said... [Reply]

I have a gmail account, Jennifer - gormands2. Congrats to your husband! I'm happy to answer your questions, so send an email my way.

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