Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Weekend Sports

Can you tell my new computer is here? I can put pictures on my blog once again! Of course, I can't put any old pictures up, because for some reason the old hard drive can't be recovered. Not yet, anyway, though I haven't given up hope that someone out there can revive it. It makes no sense: if the gatorade that struck the fatal blow never made it all the way to the hard drive, why is it dead? But it is, apparently, and I am beyond bummed, because that sucker was full of photos and unpublished stories, and everything important to me. Yes, I know: I should've backed it up more frequently. I'm an idiot. And why hasn't anyone invented waterproof keyboards? For all their vaunted design brilliancy, you'd think Apple would've figured that one out by now.

Anyway, in the interest of catching up on my blogging, I'm going to give you two-posts-for-the-price-of-one.

Our weekends have been crammed full of activities recently, so there's no way to catch you up on everything. But here are a couple of fun intramural events to tell y'all about.

First up: Shay's cross country meet, held out in the boondocks at King's Academy (a really nice school; really not close). Shay placed 2nd in his age group (he got passed at the very end, and boy, was he irritated about that!). His team placed first overall.

While they waited for the race to begin, the girls built a snowman. Except, well, it doesn't really snow here, so they built it out of rocks. And yes, they chose their own outfits for the day.

Aidan also had a soccer tournament recently. I know they didn't win their matches, but I don't know the final scores. Aidan played goalie, and he had a couple of really nice saves. That kid is not afraid of the ball.

Big day ahead tomorrow, full of holiday concerts and doctor appointments and airport trips and Christmas shopping and work and who knows what else? Good night, wherever you are...


tree hugger said... [Reply]

it snows sometimes! in 1992, ACS was closed for over 10 days over the course of the winter, and lots of pretty decent snowstorms. we had to make up a few half days on saturday...

Donna said... [Reply]

Bite your tongue, tree hugger! I like this no-snow weather...

Popster said... [Reply]

Your right about that kid not being afraid of the ball. He's the only kid who ever kept begging to have me kick the ball at him ... haardder, at almost point blank range. I still have not fully recovered from the groin pull that the activity induced.


Just US said... [Reply]

My kids like making snowmen, or I mean rockmen too. They have started building snowmen with their carrots at dinnertime or with marshmallows or anything else they can find.

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