Friday, November 4, 2011

Just Your Average Mammal

The rainy season started, officially, last night.

Which is a tad bit annoying.

I mean, yes, I know I'm living in the fourth water poorest country in the world, and so we need rain in order to stay off of the winner's podium, but did it have to start on the first day of a week-long vacation, when my husband is winging his way back to the Land of the Giant Commissary and my nanny is enjoying her well-earned vacation and I am here alone with four children, plus their various hangers-on and all of their laundry?

Could the rain not have waited until next week?

But rain it did, and rain it is, and so I did what any sensible mammal does on a rainy, beginning-of-winter day: I went to the store and bought butter. And sugar. And flour and chocolate. And a whole chicken, for soup. And dried beans, for more soup. And a jalapeƱo, for salsa, because of course chips and salsa would be delicious on a rainy day.

And then I bought more butter.

It seems it is a good thing that my computer is dead and buried, because I cannot post any pictures via the iPad, and I have a sense that if I actually carry out all of my plans for butter comsumption, my pictures will be scary, indeed.

I have the chicken simmering on the stove and some butter softening on the counter. I plan to put my eldest to work baking cookies this afternoon, because then they will be educational cookies rather than woe is me summer is over cookies, and it's always easier to stop after three or so educational cookies. The woe is me cookies generally need to be eaten until one's stomach hurts, wouldn't you agree?

And for any grandparents out there reading this, if you happen to find some girls' raincoats and umbrellas out there for sale in the wide world, feel free to ship some our way. Apparently the girls outgrew last year's coats somehow.

Must be all that butter.


Camille said... [Reply]

You must be a Paula Deen kind of girl :)

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