Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Forty Five

That's how many people are expected at my house for Thanksgiving tomorrow. How did Bart's office get so big?

Right now I am elbow deep in turkey brine, bread cubes, sweet potatoes and chocolate. I love this holiday.

Back soon with a recap. Meanwhile, enjoy your Thanksgiving, wherever you are in the world - I have friends and family cooking up feasts in Bahrain, Beijing, Japan, Jerusalem, New York, Nouakchott, Malawi, Virginia, Senegal, Seattle, Canada, Los Angeles, Afghanistan, Austin, Baghdad, Scranton, Santa Barbara, Kenya and so many other places across the globe. And for all of these people, who have kept me smiling and standing all these years, I am truly, deeply thankful.


Sandy said... [Reply]

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!

Becky said... [Reply]

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Daniela Swider said... [Reply]

Hope your Thanksgiving feast was terrific! Can't wait to read the recap.

Jessica said... [Reply]

Scranton? Did I know you had friends/family there? That's my neck of the woods!

Sounds like a seriously chaotic Thanksgiving ... but oh so much fun. Ours was much more sane. We gave the new double stroller a whirl. Life with two is definitely more busy ... but who am I talking to, momma of four?

Miss you guys!

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