Saturday, September 24, 2011

Girls' Night Out: $2000.

Wasn't it Chekhov who said that if there's a gun on the mantel at the beginning of the play, it needs to go off by the end?

In honor of that literary master, let me begin by saying I am writing this post on my iPad.

Now. Let's get started.

I was invited to join a group of women on a Ladies Night Out adventure downtown. The 12 of us met at one friend's house and hopped in taxis to Rainbow Street, where we wandered and shopped our way through Souk Jara, an open air street market that runs every Friday evening during the summer. We then made our way to a trendy little restaurant that overlooks the Citadel, the ancient Roman ruins on a hill in the middle of Amman. We sat outside and ordered drinks (my margarita was about $10), appetizers (my share was about $8) and dinner (salad, $12).

After a lovely evening of chitchatting, we walked back to the first circle and hailed a few cabs to take us back home.

Fun, right? It really was, and I was so pleased to be invited out with such a fun group.

I got home early - maybe around 10? - but everyone was already asleep. Ahhh, bliss: not to have to brush teeth or read bedtime stories!

So this morning, I woke up. I made breakfast and showered and did all of those other usual morning things while I waited for Bart to return from the gym.

When he returned, he casually asked, "so, did you have any trouble starting your computer this morning?"

Ummm, no. I didn't even try to turn it on. May I ask why you want to know?


It turns out that last night, while I was out drinking my salary in one margarita glass, my husband was watching a movie with the girls. On the computer. The MacBook, to be specific. My MacBook, to be more specific still. And it just so happens that, in the course of the evening, Ainsley managed to spill a bottle of Gatorade. On the computer. On the... Oh, you get the idea. My MacBook, my beautiful almost-new MacBook, is now dead.

After Bart 'fessed up, I ran to the machine and picked it up. A few bright green drops of Gatorade leaked out of the bottom, sort of like tears. Only, you know, bright green.

So now I have no computer. I also have no rough drafts and no pictures of Jordan, because I'm an idiot who always cheerfully says, when asked if I've backed up my computer, "oh, I'm sure I'll have time to do that tomorrow!"

The computer is packed on rice because I've heard sometimes that cures iPhones that have fallen in the toilet. (to which I can only say: ewwww.) But I have little hope of reviving the beast.

Our friend Mike says I can't blame Bart: he insists that, by virtue of being a man, Bart was genetically predisposed toward failure when being asked to watch 50% of his children while his wife went out carousing. Who knows? All I know is, it's time to start saving for a new computer.

And a backup hard drive.

So, in sum: Ladies Night Out was really, really fun. And also really, really expensive.

The End.


tree hugger said... [Reply]

this is my nightmare!!! hopefully the rice will at least work enough for you to get it on for a little while so you can get stuff off your HD. (this happened with my old ipod, which suffered through a run in a huge downpour)

but maybe you'll be lucky! either way, new computer or back from the dead old computer, you should use time machine. i am not a very good backer upper. a terrible one (though i don't really have much to back on these days). it makes backing up so automatic that you don't even have to think about doing it (especially if you have a time capsule, but i don't think that's entirely necessary)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

oh no.

that is so very sad. you really should have had two margaritas!

(going to back up RIGHT now)

Just US said... [Reply]

OH NO!! Sure hope you can get it to work long enough to at least get your files off of it! How very frustrating! I am so sorry!

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? said... [Reply]

Do you have USAA? They cover this with a $250 deductible if you have electronics insurance thru them. And chances are the HDD is still intact. And recoverable.

I list my MBP a full 3 days after getting it to a cup of water and a 14-month-old. It was So. Very. Sad.

Never again.

Kate said... [Reply]

SAD! Not sure if mailing it is possible, but Apple will replace the innards for $800.

Becky said... [Reply]

Oh man that stinks! We did have them move one of our hard drives to an external casing once (turning it into an external hard drive). Not a liquid issue but it did help (dropping issue). Good luck. I am so so sorry.

Connie said... [Reply]

oh! I am so sorry! It's really sad how easily a computer can be killed with a mere beverage (we lost one to a cup of water and large cat). You'd think that would be one thing manufacturers would work on. Sure, they might sell less replacement computers, but I'm sure they've spilled their share of coffee in keyboards (or have their own kids and pets) to make this a priority that goes beyond profit.

Daniela Swider said... [Reply]

Glad you had fun with the ladies but the computer mishap stinks! My daughter has a little laptop with a spill proof one-piece rubberized keyboard (instead of individual keys with spills attracting spaces between them). I don't know why they don't make all keyboards like that...

Back up drives are getting smaller and smaller and their capacity larger and larger per $, so at least you'll be able to get something good at a decent price.

I need to back my stuff up too...

Dorothy Handelman said... [Reply]

It's often amazes me how much I can pay to have someone else take care of my kids in the form of emergency room visits, broken toys and lost items. We took my daughter to the airport recently and when my husband gallantly jumped out of the car to help unload her bags his iphone landed in the street only to be run over later by a cab. Nothing like a $200 trip to the airport. Sorry to hear about your laptop- would love to buy you two margaritas!!

Penni said... [Reply]

Gaah!! Make sure that baby is completely dry before you try turning it on!! My roommate learned from a dell service employee that some liquids won't harm a computer. Black coffee, for instance, is perfectly fine. If there was milk or sugar in the coffee, though, you can forget it. I'm not sure about artificial sweeteners, though...

I put my mom's cell phone through the wash a couple of weeks ago, and after letting it dry, it worked fine. I can't stress enough, though, that you *have* to let the computer dry out completely before attempting to turn it on!

Noble Glomads said... [Reply]

I turned my back on my son's sleepover party and it cost us $700. Broken PS3, TomTom and ITouch. Electronics are great until they need repairing. Try getting a US playstation fixed in NZ....$$$$$$. They had go *gasp* bust out the PS2.

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