Monday, September 5, 2011

Girls' First Day of School

Sorry I've been offline.

You know the saying: if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all, and I've been generally grumpy over the past few weeks. Small stuff, like someone here at post who is driving me INSANE with annoyance, and big stuff, like trying to figure out why some State bloggers are allowed to blog, while others are, shall we say, vigorously discouraged. Mix it all together with an unhealthy dose of mid-life, mid-post crisis, and there you have it.

So allow me my moment of silence, and I'm sure I'll be back with some cheery stories soon.

Meanwhile, I had to share the traditional first day of school photos.

Today was the first day for the girls: Kyra is in kindergarten (yikes!) and Ainsley is finally in pre-school. I say finally because all last year she begged to be allowed to go to school with her sister. She even learned the school song ("We are little but the world is in the palm of our hand./ Hand in hand we walk,/ hand in hand we stand./ We will reach for the sky/ taking small, tiny steps..." and so on).

So now it's here, and she's finally in school. Other kids cried and clung to their mothers. She ran straight into the froggie classroom and threw her arms around the teacher - whom she's met just once - giving her a bear hug.

Tomorrow the boys start up. So tomorrow morning will be frantic, with missing shoes and half-eaten breakfasts and where the heck is the bus anyway and you already have braids you don't need pigtails and Put On Your Shoes NOW the bus is here!

For tonight, though, I'm enjoying these pictures of my babies.


Lisa said... [Reply]

Omg. It's like you're at my house in the mornings, minus the pig trails, of course. I actually found a book bag hanging from the water spigot outside one morning.

Daniela Swider said... [Reply]

So darn cute!

Nomads By Nature said... [Reply]

Adorable! Hoping your funk clears soon. Totally get the whys that you stated - all legit reasons to hold off on blogging. And if you find out the answer to the hovering blog/no blog pressures please share as long as the tiger won't get you too. Take care & hang in there.

Camille said... [Reply]

I am so depressed about Muttering being completely gone. Also, we haven't heard from Facts are Strictly Optional FOREVER. She probably got attacked by the tigers too. Sad day.

On the bright side, your girls are crazy adorable :)

Connie said... [Reply]

Those are some awesome photos of your girls going to school! Of course, you have very cute girls to take photos of so it makes sense, but I'll give you photography skillz credit anyway! Hope they had a great first day. Boys too. :)

CMG said... [Reply]

Where did Kyra get that hat? Nana? It is so cute! I'm impressed that she kept it on. Julia would have had it off in 2 seconds. See you in a few weeks!

Nomads By Nature said... [Reply]

Just a courtesy shout out that I referenced this post without a link in our blog
Hope you are getting a bit of rest from schedules, parties and anything irritating in particular.

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