Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Linderhof Palace

I was sitting at the pool on Saturday, recapping my vacation, when I made the mistake of saying "Now I'm exhausted! I should just call in sick this week!"

Be careful what words you throw out there in the universe.

Within hours I had a raging sore throat. By morning I was sick as can be. So I spent two days dragging my snuffly self around piteously, downing store-brand decongestants and hot tea.

Now I'm better. Sorta. Either that, or I have bronchitis.

So I haven't added any more vacation photos to my blog. I also haven't done any prep for the dinner party I'm throwing this weekend. And I haven't gone on a school shopping supply run, either. Though, to be fair, I was hoping to avoid the school shopping spree. I don't relish spending an entire paycheck on imported notebooks and pencils when I know they can be had for 10-for-a-dollar at Target. Sigh. Cough. Hack. Wheeze.

Okay, but I'm determined to show my folks some pictures of Linderhof Palace, just because it was so darn beautiful. It was green and flowery and fountainy and dear gawd if King Ludwig didn't have the worst taste in decorating. He was one seriously odd little man. He had a whole cave constructed on a hill above his palace, just so he could go inside and have an orchestra play Wagner songs for him while he floated in a little seashell-shaped boat. The poor guy seriously could've used a Wii or something.

He also bought a whole tea house from somewhere (France, maybe?) and had it moved to his back yard. That's somewhere in the pictures, below.

After touring the palace, we went to a nearby town called Oberammergau to shop a little and wander a little.

But the best part of the day?

Well, in my opinion, the best part of our tour came hours after it ended, when I was in the hotel laundry room folding clothes. A lady from the tour approached and said "Your kids must be used to traveling. They were so well behaved on the tour today!" To which I responded "Thanks. They're upstairs brawling in the hotel room as we speak."

Still, it was nice to get a compliment about my kids from a stranger.

Enjoy the photos.

The Tea House:

The cave:



SassAndSweet said... [Reply]

I've been enjoying all your vacation photos! Thanks for sharing with all the rest of us. :)

Daniela Swider said... [Reply]

Awwww, beautiful indeed!

Nomads By Nature said... [Reply]

What lovely pictures! I wonder if they ever have concerts in the cave to hear the acoustics. Hope you are recovered completely from the vacation and enjoying a smooth start to the school year!

Elaine said... [Reply]

Do I recall correctly that the Linderhof had a beautiful tiled kitchen??? Blue and yellow... (Well, if not there, it's somewhere in Germany. LOL)
Loved all 3 of Ludwig's castles, and the ferry ride on Chiemsee is lovely...

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