Saturday, July 16, 2011

What I Did For Summer Vacation

While other people are beginning to return to post from vacation already (welcome back, Tiffany and Connie!), I am proud to report that the Gormans have FINALLY made our summer vacation plans. We have become an Embassy-wide joke, what with our total inability to find a vacation that we both agree would be fun and affordable. (But I'd like to see you try to pay for 2+ weeks in hotel rooms with four kids at any destination people might actually want to go. It ain't easy!)

We won't be leaving for awhile yet - Bart has some work that has to be finished here first. But when we do leave, we'll be heading to Germany and Turkey. That's the plan, anyway. It's all on my credit card, so if the universe cooperates, we'll get there soon enough.

Part of me is excited to see something we've never seen before. Part of me is homesick, because this means we really, truly won't be going home to see family this summer. Most of me is just relieved to be done researching "affordable vacations with too many kids."

And speaking of homesick: here's a little problem I've been experiencing lately. As more and more bloggers come online, I find more blogs from places in which we've lived, and it makes me homesick for the places I used to roam. Example: just this morning I found another Moscow blogger, just as she was leaving post. This in addition to Erica's Moscow blog. Despite the title, Rock Star in Dhaka is on her way to Beijing - she hasn't even gotten there and she's already making me miss the dumplings. Kristen is blogging from Armenia. Any Kazakhstan bloggers out there? It's only a matter of time before some blogger moves into my one of my old houses and starts churning out posts from my old office. It's fun to read what other people are doing in places I know, but it also makes me feel curiously homesick - do any of you other bloggers have this little problem?


LeesOnTheGo said... [Reply]

110% know what you mean!

We leave our hearts in so many places and live life so thoroughly wherever we are at. Homesickness can be very expansive.

Your vacation sounds AMAZING! our family loed visiting Turkey. hopr you do too!

Connie said... [Reply]

We're happy to be back - R&R was great, but it was time to come home. I can't wait to hear how your travels go... I haven't had a chance to visit Germany in the summer yet (winter is beautiful, but I'd like to see summer too!) and I've never been to Turkey.
I definitely understand being homesick for more than one 'home'. Walking past the lentils at the store just today, I thought of Egyptian koshari, which made me homesick for more things Cairo.

Penni said... [Reply]

Cool! If you need any tips about Germany, let me know! I definitely recommend a coat since the weather has been kind of stupid this year.

Delhibound said... [Reply]

We just "did" a day in Turkey and loved every minute of it. I desperately want to go back. ENJOY!!!

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