Friday, July 1, 2011

My Brush With Royalty

Our Air Force friends threw a party to say goodbye to outgoing military folks and welcome some new people. They had something like 140 people at their house - and here I stress when I have 20!

Somehow we snagged a coveted invite, so we stopped by their house on the appointed evening, ready to mingle. Usually I hate these kinds of events, because I rarely know anybody, and with my terrible hearing, I really can't understand a word of what's being said around me. But this was different - it was at the house of one of my most favorite families, and there were tons of people there whom I knew. About every second person there was a general or a colonel or something, so I admit to feeling a bit under-accomplished.

I grabbed a glass of wine and started to chit chat with some people I recognized, pausing to greet new people who approached. When one such gentleman joined our group, I stuck out my hand and said "hey, I'm Donna," or something like that. "Nice to meet you," he replied, and then shook hands with someone else in our group. At that point, Bart leaned over and whispered "you just shook hands with a prince."

Wha-? Turns out he was the King's brother.

I had no idea. Aren't princes supposed to wear crowns or something, in order to distinguish themselves from the commonfolk? Or at least, you know, get lots of naughty photos of themselves placed in People Magazine so we can spot them in real life?

So: after almost a year here, I finally met my first royal person, and it totally counts even if I didn't technically know he was royalty. Shay met one of the princesses last fall, and I had an opportunity to meet another princess, but the meeting conflicted with one child's medical appointment, so I had to decline. Bart hasn't met the Queen, but he has seen her at the Embassy, so he's checked that royal box. (For the record, he told me she "looked really good, especially considering she's had four kids." Yes he did. I was not amused.) No King sightings for any of us yet, but who knows?

So, in sum: one prince, one princess, and one Queen on our royal bingo card. And it only took 10 months.


Connie said... [Reply]

That totally counts! :) You'll get your full BINGO in no time!

Zo said... [Reply]

Her Majesty is a genuine person and amazing in and out of the spotlight.

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