Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fourth of July at Embassy Amman

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! Well, technically, our little party took place on the second of July, but you get the idea. First up: the United States Marine Corps. This part always gets the Americans in the crowd choked up a bit.

After the official ceremony, the games began. There were bouncy castles....

And of course there was face painting....

There were games, and popcorn machines, and grilled hot dogs, and even a few Palestinian break dancers. But the highlight of the afternoon had to be the dunk tank. Here you see our very own RSO, taking his turn in the tank. And the line to dunk him! For some reason, the line was quite long. He did a great job in there, even though he had to be freezing.

(And yes, his very own son did dunk him, several times)....

They wrapped up the party with a fireworks display - big, loud and close enough to rain ash down on us all. But no worries - until you've spent a Chinese New Year watching fireworks in Beijing, you don't know the meaning of "scarily close."

And that was that! After the fireworks, the zillion or so guests departed, because the next day was Sunday, which is, of course, a regular work day in Jordan.

Tomorrow is the official celebration. It should be a bit stuffier - not a dunk tank in sight, I'd bet.


Connie said... [Reply]

He's such a good sport :) ! We're celebrating today at a park right across from where we are staying - looks like it will be a lot of fun!

Jessica said... [Reply]

How fun! Happy fourth!

Diplopotamus said... [Reply]

Man your fourth was awesome! We had a bbq on the 2nd as well but that was mainly to celebrate the opening of our new rec center/pool.

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