Friday, May 6, 2011

What's In Donna's Reader?

I find myself with too many things to blog about these days, but without much interest in the whole fingers-to-keyboard aspect of blogging. So instead of writing, I'm reading, playing catch-up with my google reader. And do you know? There are a lot of really great blogs out there. Here are three of my current favorites: if you don't have them bookmarked, you must run and do that right away.

The Afghan Plan. Okay, so everyone loves this blog. I happen to know the writer personally, so I can tell you that he's just as funny and smart in real life as he is in blog form. Also: he drinks way too many bottles of water on a daily basis, though I never did figure out why. I have already volunteered to edit his book, whenever he chooses to write it - hopefully soon.

Life in the Land of the Long White Cloud. I only found this blog recently, and I don't know the writer in real life, but he is a foreign service blogger. He's also a recovering journalist, which means his blog isn't just a family blog - he's telling travelogue-style stories about life in New Zealand, and he's making me really want to go there - it's a beautiful place, at least in his telling (despite the recent devastating earthquake, which both he and his wife recounted on their blogs).

Hyperbole and a Half. No connection to the foreign service here. But this writer/artist might be the funniest person alive today, with the possible exception of David Sedaris. She doesn't update often, but when she does, you're guaranteed a laugh or four. Every time her blog pops up in my reader, I abandon whatever I was doing - dinner can wait! - and rush immediately to her site.

So. Go check out these blogs, if you haven't already. But first, tell me: Who am I missing? What are your must-read blogs, foreign service or otherwise? I'm looking for some new reads to keep me inspired.


Dakota said... [Reply]

You are far too kind.

Donna said... [Reply]

I hear that ALL the time. Modest, too.

Jersey Beth said... [Reply]

Four Globetrotters is really funny.

We Meant said... [Reply]

If you enjoy PRT stuff, have a look at my blog at


Donna said... [Reply]

Four Globetrotters is hilarious! I wish she'd update more frequently - hint, hint.

And Peter, I only just recently found your blog, but it's terrific. I'm looking forward to reading the book. And I'd love to know how you did it. Did you just write it and hope for the best? Any fallout from your employer? I'd love to know the backstory there.

Erin G said... [Reply]

oooh, thanks for the suggestions. I love new blogs to read, especially expat ones.

ditto "hyperbole and a half" - she is one of the funniest people on the internet. Dooce still takes the cake in my book. The original and still probably the best.

Also if you like H&1/2 and comics and such, you're reading the oatmeal, too, right? if not, add it to your reader, stat!

DelhiBound said... [Reply]

Love having some new ones to read! Thanks!

Cara said... [Reply]

I know Dakota in real life too! You and I will have to co-edit his work.

Please. Write your own stuff.