Saturday, May 7, 2011

I Need a Weekend to Recover From My Weekend

Thursday is the start of the weekend in Amman, and we started out at a little Cinco de Mayo celebration at the Embassy. I was enjoying sitting poolside, drinking a margarita and chatting with friends, when the skies opened up and it started to rain, with lightning and thunder and everything. We had tons of thunderstorms in Beijing, but they're rare here. And don't tell anybody, but I'm all kinds of scared of thunderstorms.

We packed up and headed home, where I parked the kids in front of a movie. Then one of my friends texted that she was on her way over with a fresh pitcher of margaritas, to finish the celebration. We ended up staying up late, chatting about the whole wife-of-a-diplomat thing. It was fun to compare notes with a friend - why we chose to give up our jobs, what we've gained and lost in return, how to show our daughters that we're more than just travelling spouses when that's mostly the role they see - that sort of stuff. We covered lots of big, important whole-life issues. We also drank too many margaritas.

Which brings me to Friday, when I found myself over-exhausted, for some odd reason. The boys had friends over and I did all sorts of baking. Because, you see, we also had two Big Events this weekend. Ainsley turned three - my baby, my last little baby. And Aidan celebrated his first Holy Communion. Ainsley chose pizza for lunch - not homemade, thank goodness - and Aidan chose sushi for dinner - homemade, but not all that difficult.

Now I am exhausted. Physically and emotionally. It's a weird thing to watch your baby up on that altar, in a suit and tie. I had some serious flashbacks to his baptism, which was followed immediately by his scary health problems, a medevac and a curtailment.

So you can see that I have lots to catch you up on. But tomorrow is Sunday. Not a day of rest, but an ordinary workday, with schoolbuses to catch and Arabic homework to finish and an office to go to. So you'll have to wait for the details.

Oh, but in the meantime, here's an article you might like to read. Note particularly #2. I need another margarita.


Elaine said... [Reply]

Just wanted to tell you that, thanks to you, I whipped PETRA into the NYT Crossword Puzzle without having too think twice. Brava!

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