Saturday, April 30, 2011

Vote Early, Vote Often

It's true. I'm running for a position on the school board.

I figured, if my friend Peggy could do it in Beijing, surely I could, too.

(Then I remembered that Peggy also spoke excellent Chinese, worked full time, raised three kids and threw awesome parties. Gosh, do I ever miss Peggy. And what was I thinking, trying to rise to her level of accomplishment?)

But it's too late. I'm in it now. Which means I have to give a speech, either this week or next, depending upon when and whether a quorum is reached. My teeth, they are chattering. I'm really not a good public speaker - some of us are meant to stick to the written word, with its "backspace," "command-z" and "delete" buttons. I could definitely use a command-z for my everyday speech.

But I know what my vision for the school is, and I'm prepared to chat a few ears off if need be. If you're a local reader with a kid in our school, congratulations! You can vote, for me or for the other not-nearly-as-qualified candidates. Please come out and vote! You don't have to vote for me - I'll never know, after all - but you do have to applaud my speech vigorously. And tell me it was brilliant.

Hey, here's another idea for my local readers: let me know you're reading, would you?

A woman in my new office recently forwarded a post from my beloved Diplopundit, and so I told her that I read Diplopundit too. She replied "I suppose now is a good time to tell you that I read your blog, too." Yikes! I can see that I have a fair number of readers here in Jordan just by checking sitemeter, but I can't see who they are unless they tell me. (Hi, Liz!)

So, if you've read this far, and you're in Jordan, you have two assignments: go vote in the elections, and let me know you're reading.


Jill said... [Reply]

I was on the school board last year ... and on the one in Tel Aviv as well. Such a huge commitment. Such an important job to have! Here's hoping you get on it! I truly believe that someone from 'our' office should ALWAYS be on the board!

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