Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Take Your Kids to Work

Yesterday was Take Your Kids to Work Day at the Embassy. Instead of bringing all the kids in and letting them loose on the classified systems, the Embassy put together an event for them, taking them to various places within the Embassy for demonstrations of what goes on there on a daily basis.

This year's event was designed for 3rd grade and up, so Shay was the only one of ours in attendance. While he was thus occupied, I took the other three kids to the pool.

We were able to peer through the fence at the RSO portion of the event. (It was as if Bart had groupies: He stood on the other side of the fence with the big kids, and Kyra kept shouting "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!", while Ainsley yelled "I lub you soooo MUCH!" I kept relatively quiet, personally.) The RSO staffers brought in their big trucks with lights and sirens and showed the kids how they do protective details. The kids loved it, of course. The best part about Take Your Kids to Work day at an Embassy is that my kids leave thinking their dad has the Coolest Job Ever. What's not to like about sirens and bulletproof vests and those wacky earphone thingees that they stick in their ears? It's all kinds of awesome, as far as kids are concerned. Of course, I didn't notice them talking the kids through issuing security violations or receiving late night emergency phone calls. So there's that.

Today, the boys are back at school. Kyra's on Spring Break, though. And I'm working. Also, I've been tasked with providing "20 homemade chocolate chip cookies, 2 1/2 inches in diameter," for a school field trip. Honestly. I think my head's going to explode.


Smallbits said... [Reply]
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Smallbits said... [Reply]

Your field trip cookies have specs? Wow. Maybe I should keep home schooling. If it is anything more complicated than "don't burn them," I might be in trouble.

Shannon said... [Reply]

Demanding much? Can you even buy chocolate chips there? Because if someone demanded I share some of my precious seriously dwindling stock of chocolate chips around here where you can't buy them, someone would be getting hurt. And are they going to be using them for a measurement lesson or what? Exactly 2-1/2 inches?!? Someone seriously needs to get a grip.

Ok I'm finished being all indignant on your behalf. Glad the kids think Dad is so cool and the take your kids to work day was a success.

Z. Marie said... [Reply]

Laura's Girl Scout group -- an after-school activity at the American School -- has had a few bake sales recently, and the leaders actually have announced that we can send storebought goods if we like. I've actually cooked, but it's nice that someone has a grip on reality.
Yeah, I guess that means whoever is in charge of the field trip cookie request doesn't have a grip on reality.
Good luck!

Jill said... [Reply]

I always loved TYKTWD ... and was so bummed we were never old enough. The kids always enjoyed the RSO section - usually the best part of the day. :)

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