Saturday, April 9, 2011

Life After Jerusalem

Heh. That's a catchy title, no?

We're back from a whirlwind tour of Jerusalem, followed by an overnight at the Dead Sea.

I am now exhausted, and facing mounds of laundry. Also a week's worth of undone Arabic homework.

I will try to post pictures soon, but not tonight.

Jerusalem was amazing, despite that fact that we carried the girls through most of it. Why did I listen to the naysayers who told me to leave the stroller at home? My back is killing me. We forced the kids to suffer through a 6-and-a-half hour tour of the Old City. They were remarkably well behaved throughout the tour, though they made up for that later on with plenty of good ole fashioned obnoxiousness.

It's actually quite close to Amman, though the two cities look nothing alike. It takes less than an hour to reach the border. Scratch that - it's supposed to take less than an hour, but if you should be 40 minutes into the drive only to hear two of your four children vomiting in the back seat, it might take a wee bit longer. Because, you know, you'll have to turn around and drive all the way home in order to clean them off, and then start all over. Boy oh boy, will you love that! Oh, and the border crossing? They were so nice, on both sides of the border, but seriously inefficient. It took two hours to get through, and we had help from high places to speed things along. Also, they stamped our brand new tourist passports. They're not supposed to, because once they do, no other bordering country will let you in. If, for example, the Syrians see an Israeli stamp in your passport, they'll turn you away at the border. Not that we're planning a trip to Syria any time soon - they've been evacuated - but when we do decide to go, we'll have to buy six all new passports. Nightmare!

Anyway, what's to say about to Jerusalem? It was nothing at all like what I pictured, and it was just crazy to walk through these places that I've been reading about since CCD classes way back when. This is where Jesus stopped and wept outside of Jerusalem? This is where the cock crowed three times? This is the prison where they held Jesus? These places actually exist? Simply unbelievable. I'm still sorting it all out in my head.

So, this is just a tiny postlet to let the family know we're alive and well. I'll gather my thoughts, fold my laundry, conjugate some verbs and be back soon with more.

For now: good night from Amman.


Digger said... [Reply]

Too funny!

MeAndYou said... [Reply]

Yeah, that title threw me off completely...especially amid all of Digger's posts. :-)

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