Monday, April 4, 2011

Jerash with the 'rents

Okay, so not last weekend but the weekend before, we took my parents to see Jerash. It was our second trip there - the first was on a hot, dry day in late summer, so this was much nicer - and actually green!

On the way home we happened through one of the big protests. Buses full of guys waving guns and swords and banners. Good times! It makes for an interesting tour for my parents - after all, not many tourists get to listen in as the Regional Security Officer says over his cell phone, "Okay, get out of there now! Take a picture and run!" in response to a phoned-in riot update from one of his colleagues.

But I digress. I think my parents had fun checking out the ancient Roman ruins. I know they enjoyed eating at the Lebanese restaurant just down the road. So - a good time was had by all (Except for the boys, who skipped the trip in favor of their friend Muhammed's birthday party. Apparently parties trump Roman ruins for young boys. Who knew?).

Enjoy the pictures - we're off to Jerusalem shortly!


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