Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Upside of Scatterbraininess

I don't care what spellcheck is telling me: scatterbraininess is too a word.

Tragically, it's a word that describes me all too well these days.

Every morning, before I leave the house, I stand in my kitchen and go over my mental checklist. Embassy badge? Check. Wallet? Check. House keys? Check. Arabic folder? Check. Kyra's lunchbox? Check.

Then I leave the house, closing and locking the door behind me.

And then? Almost every morning, I unlock the door again and go back for something I forgot, like sunglasses or checkbook or scarf. I do this at least once every morning.

At breakfast time, I trot between pouring cereal and looking for matching socks and checking email and feeding the cat and taking Ainsley's toothbrush away from the dog. I'm a multi-tasking monster, but the tasks are so disparate that I get confused sometimes and put the socks into the refrigerator before handing the dog our family's toothbrushes.


Today, though, I discovered the upside to all of this confusion rocketing around in my skull. See, the Embassy is holding a "Walk to Baghdad" event. Starting today, everyone who signed up has to wear a pedometer and measure our steps. We're supposed to walk enough steps to make it all the way to a virtual Baghdad, which is about 1 million steps away.

I signed up, not because it's one more thing to keep track of, but because I'm sort of curious how far I actually walk in a typical day.

I put on my pedometer this morning at 6:30, and when I got to the Embassy (yes, I walked), I saw some friends looking at their pedometers. "I've already gone 300 steps," said one. "I'm at 275," said the other.

And me? I am proud to report that before I even left the house at 8 am, I had already logged 1500 steps as I scoured the house for socks and toothbrushes and sunglasses.

Baghdad, here I come.

With or without clean socks.


Anne said... [Reply]

At the rate you're going, you'll be in Baghdad by the end of the week! Sweet!

Shannon said... [Reply]

SOunds about like me. In Jakarta after the first few months my driver started asking me if I had everything and doing the run through...phone, sunglasses, purse, money...He wouldn't start the car until he had done the whole run down because he got tired of having to turn around and head back to the house.

I am glad you are making all the extra steps work for you!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Hysterical! We have a similar thing going on with our staff .. them figuring me out and often standing at the door with whatever it is that I've forgotten for the day's journeys!

MeAndYou said... [Reply]

You are in fine company, Donna. I walked back upstairs to the bedroom twice this morning - once for my laptop and a second time for my iPod charger. Then, I left the house realizing when I put my lunch in the back seat of the van that I still had no laptop. So, I unlocked the door and got the laptop bag from the kitchen. This was a GOOD day. :-)

Noble Glomads said... [Reply]

Hey, scatterbrainedness saved my life last week. It is a gift :) My son calls it ADOS. Attention, deficit, ooohhh, shiney.
If I didn't stop to watch the hackey sacers (shiney) I'd be dead.
Now, where are MY keys?

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