Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Tooth Fairy, At Last

Aidan has been wiggling furiously at one of his upper front teeth, desperate to get that thing out. All of his friends have lost scads of teeth; he only lost two last year, and none at all since second grade started.

He sat at dinner the other night, wiggling the tooth instead of eating. I casually mentioned to Bart that something terrible happened with the Tooth Fairy at a friend's house. It seems their daughter's tooth fell out, but instead of bringing money, the Tooth Fairy left a note saying she couldn't bring any money until the girl started behaving better. Do I have hard-ass friends or what?

Even though the story wasn't directed at the kids, technically speaking, it sure got their attention. Aidan even stopped pulling on the tooth and offered his own moment of silence for this unknown girl who was so brutally mistreated by the Tooth Fairy.

But he was pretty well-behaved for the next hour or so!

I am proud to announce that the tooth finally fell out a few days ago.

And the Tooth Fairy did bring cold hard cash, in the form of two crisp Jordanian Dinars.


Dakota said... [Reply]

Two dinars!? That's like... almost three bucks! (At least according to Google's currency converter).

I of course don't have kids and haven't interacted with any tooth fairy-types since I was approximately 8 years old, but that still seems like an awfully steep going rate for molars.

Donna said... [Reply]

Inflation, my friend, inflation.

Also, as a financially savvy person, I figure we're better off if we have our emergency funds spread out over several accounts: money market, bond index fund, tooth fairy account.... This way I can borrow from him in case of government shutdown or other crisis situation.

(p.s. we're the stingy ones - some kids I know make almost as much money per tooth as I did in a week at AmEm Beijing!)

Dakota said... [Reply]

All I know is that if I lose a tooth here in Afghanistan, I'm mailing it to Jordan and having you cash it in for me.

Jill said... [Reply]

So glad that my daughter's story offered a glimmer of hope for good behavior... if even for an hour or so!

And $3 bucks for a tooth? Don't tell my kids because the toothfairy only gives $2 in California ... that is, when she visits!

Eddie said... [Reply]

If you say Aidan's making them loose, then kudos to you and to him for having strong, healthy teeth. He might be getting the case of peer pressure, but at least you were able to change his mind with that story.

Eddie Storms

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