Sunday, February 6, 2011

Rolling Rs

Big day in Arabic today: I learned three new swear words. (Shukran, Ghadeer!)

Turns out, if you can't roll your "r"s, there are some words you need to avoid saying. I can roll the r, thank goodness, but the only other remaining student in my class cannot. (Yes, everyone else left the class for a variety of reasons. We're like a bad reality show: just two of us left standing. She's waaay better than me, but I'm determined to try to keep up the pace.)

Let's see, what else?

Aidan is home sick: I got a call from the nurse's office that he was throwing up. So I brought him home to vomit on my floor instead of theirs. He's asleep now, and I'm hoping when he wakes up, whatever it is he's gotten will have worked its way through his system.

Either way, it's terrible timing. I am scheduled to go to both boys' classrooms tomorrow to talk about what a real-life writer does all day (other than cleaning up vomit, obviously). So now Aidan's going to miss my talk.

Wish me luck. What does a real-life writer do all day, anyway?


Jill said... [Reply]

I'm laughing... because now I KNOW I'm not the only family who has pukey kids = or who blogs about it. :)

Feel good soon munchkin!!

Betsy said... [Reply]

I hope your son feels better when he wakes up. We recently moved cross-country, and I think we have caught every bug known to man. It's that first winter in a new locale that is always hardest on us!

I have a minor in German, but I can't roll my Rs to save my life. It stinks to work so hard to learn a language,and then still not be able to fully speak it. My polyglot dh not only can roll his Rs, but picks up languages with little effort. Oh well, we can't all have that gift.

Enjoy your class!

Popster said... [Reply]

To answer your question...

I always thought that real writers slept late, drank lots of coffee while chain smoking cigarettes, and stared at their typewriter. This in anticipation of the muse stopping by.

Hope this helps.

Just US said... [Reply]

I sure hope Aidan gets feeling better soon!

Is the questions "what does a writer do all day" similar to "what does a stay-at-home Mom do all day"? I always laugh when people ask me what I do all day.

Good luck with your presentation!

A Daring Adventure said... [Reply]


How come YOU get to learn swear words in class and I don't?!?! I haven't learned one single swear word the WHOLE stupid time I've been at FSI! And I'm on Week 14!!!

WTHeck!?!? That is so totally unfair!

I *beg* my teachers to teach us *anything* even the *least little bit* shady or under the table, and they blush red and won't do it. Gosh darnit, girl, you are too lucky!

And I wouldn't know what a writer does all day. SO THERE.

Donna said... [Reply]

@ Daring, here's a hint for you: when you get to post, buy the English/Chinese dictionary that one of the travel guidebook companies puts out. It isn't full of swear words, exactly. But it was clearly printed for a medical tourism population (which, WTH? Who goes to China to get his whazzit, well,... you'll just have to buy the book.) We showed one of the words to our poor sweet teacher and she almost burst into flames on the spot from embarrassment.

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