Thursday, February 17, 2011

Changing My Blog Name

I have a friend from grad school days who wrote to me recently. This friend wishes to remain anonymous, and so I'll call him, let's see, "Jim Dentistman."

Anyway, Jim had a great suggestion. He thinks I should consider changing the name of this here blog to "Email From the Emergency Room."

Yes, well, perhaps Jim is right. My kids spent an inordinate amount of time the other evening calculating who'd had the most ER visits, on the most continents. Aidan was disappointed to learn that he's the only kid in the family who hasn't been to the ER in Amman (yet) (knock on wood) (but not with your forehead), but when I pointed out that he has the lifetime hospitalization record, he seemed satisfied. For now.

We've had ER visits in Jordan, China and Russia. We've had emergencies in countries without emergency rooms, so we've gone to the Embassy clinic instead (that'd be our accidental overdose in Kazakhstan). No emergencies I can think of in Armenia for some reason, though we did have to leave the country to seek medical attention at one point. We've been in ambulances in China and Finland. We've even been on an air ambulance - trust me when I say you never want to do that. Further trust me when I say you should never, ever, ever travel without medical evacuation insurance - that little trip was 60K for the airplane alone.

Let's see: surgeries in Moscow and Helsinki, California and Virginia. MRIs in Hong Kong, Washington DC and Beijing. Ripped off toenails in Amman and Scranton, Pennsylvania. Blood work in London and DC. Babies in 4 cities and 2 countries. Ultrasounds on almost every continent.

And that's just what I can remember. I've blocked out the really bad stuff.

So I'm thinking Jim might be on to something here. Email From The Emergency Room, indeed.


Becky said... [Reply]
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Kristen said... [Reply]

Oh my goodness, that is insane! I've been following your blog for awhile so I remember reading quite a few of these stories, but to see it all on one page is a little daunting! I'm glad to hear you had no visits in Armenia, hopefully that's a good omen for us! :)

Kami said... [Reply]

Dude, that's crazy. It's scary enough to go to the ER in Massachusetts. I think going to one in a developing country might result in my having a coronary. You must have some pretty tough (if not slightly clumsy) little kids!

Sara said... [Reply]

Good Lord!

YoAli! said... [Reply]

hoping we never end up at the same post together - I am an FSHP and can only imagine the stress of the ER and air ambulance visits. Just teasing! Cheers to a healthy and safe 2011

Becky said... [Reply]

I love how you find humor in everything.

Connie said... [Reply]

These are the things that you never expect before kids! They are still worth it though :) and somebody has to keep the heavy duty, extra grey coverage, hair dye folks in business.

Sara said... [Reply]

Dentistman and I see eye to eye on your family's habits. Still haven't worked on that "Tragically [your last name]" embroidery for you (and I wouldn't hold your breath).

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